The NV Racks Functional 4

If you're looking to take your team's competitive edge to the next level the NV Rack should be a staple in your training program.

The NV Rack is a revolutionary piece of equipment specifically designed to enhance athletic performance. It was engineered to utilize breakthrough resistance technology in order to help athletes improve their power output, increase muscle activation, improve lifting form and technique, and aid in rehabilitation and muscle priming exercises. 

Let's dive into each of these benefits a little deeper.

  • Increasing Athletic Performance Through an Increase in Power Output

  • One of the primary benefits of the NV Rack is the increase it facilitates in an athlete's power output. This is achieved by adding Non-Varying Resistance® to any traditional lifting exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and cleans. The supplementary resistance allows users to produce their max force output while keeping the load at a light, safe, and repeatable weight.


    Force= Mass x Acceleration. We are increasing gravity’s acting acceleration rather than increasing the Mass to increase the Force output.

    This patented technology is perfect for explosive exercises such as olympic lifts and bodyweight plyometric exercises. It forces speed, and will enhance your power.

    By using the NV Rack during workouts, athletes can achieve greater power output in any movement. Non-Varying Resistance is changing how people exercise and train.

  • Increasing Muscle Activation/Recruitment Through Supplementary Angular Resistance

  • In addition to increasing power output, the NV Rack increases muscle activation and recruitment. 

    The NV Racks patented Non-Varying Resistance® is designed differently than anything currently on the market, and is meant to be used in conjunction with the normal free weight you would use for a given exercise. This adds another directional force acting alongside gravity's downward force to recruit additional muscle groups, and increase muscular activation. 

    This increased muscle activation can be especially beneficial for athletes who are looking to target specific muscle groups or address musculature imbalances. By using the NV Rack during exercises such as squats, athletes can target their glutes and hamstrings more effectively, leading to greater muscle activation and recruitment in those areas. By utilizing it with chest related exercises, ancillary shoulder muscles can be targeted to increase their recruitment for stabilization and pushing power, readying your body for new PR’s. The NV Rack is your secret weapon for increasing your 1 Rep max, through the power of added supplementary angular resistance.

  • Teaching/Improving Proper Form and Technique of Lifts

  • Another primary benefit of the NV Rack is its ability to teach and improve proper form and technique in lifting exercises. The Non-Varying Resistance® allows users to practice their form and technique at a lighter weight while still producing their max force out.  It also provides directional force cues for athletes to maintain proper posture and form throughout the lift.

    These directional force cues are especially helpful for athletes who struggle with proper bar pathing during exercises such as cleans. It allows users to shift their center of gravity to allow for better range of motion. This can easily be demonstrated in an exercise like the squat. 

    By using the NV Rack, athletes can ensure that they are performing these exercises correctly, reducing the risk of injury, and improving their overall performance.

  • Rehabilitation and Muscle Priming Exercises

  • Finally, the NV Rack is the ultimate tool for rehabilitation and muscle priming exercises. The added non-varying resistance provided by the NV Rack can be helpful for athletes who are recovering from an injury or looking to prevent future injuries.

    By using Non-Varying Resistance® instead of normal varying resistance bands, athletes and rehab patients can now do a full range of motion without having to worry about an increase in tension.  An increase in tension can cause stress on joints and ligaments. By eliminating this possibility we can help prevent injuries and improve overall athletic performance.

    The NV Rack is paving the way for the future of the fitness industry and Non-Varying Resistance®. Its angular versatility makes it the ultimate tool for improving athletic performance. Its ability to increase power output, muscle activation, and improve lifting form and technique, make it a valuable tool for athletes at all levels. Additionally, its use in rehabilitation and muscle priming exercises make it an invaluable component in injury prevention and recovery.

    If you still aren't convinced that Non-Varying Resistance® should be a part of you or your athletes’ training regime; We offer a 100 day money back guarantee. We are here as your primary resource to help you get the most out of our breakthrough resistance technology.

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