You Are Using The NV Rack Incorrectly. Yes, Even You.

Maximizing Your Workouts: A Guide to Unlocking the Full Potential of the NV Rack

Dear Non-Varying Resistance Early Adopters,

We're thrilled to have you on board as pioneers in the fitness revolution powered by the NV Rack. As you embark on this journey, we want to ensure that you make the most out of this cutting-edge technology. This guide aims to educate you on the unique benefits of non-varying resistance, how it diverges from traditional mass loading, and the importance of strategic evaluation when incorporating directional resistance into your exercises.

Understanding Non-Varying Resistance:

Non-varying resistance (NVR) is a game-changer in the world of fitness, and here's why. Unlike traditional mass loading, NVR technology ensures that resistance remains constant throughout the entire range of motion and increases the velocity of all of your exercises. This consistency allows for smoother, more controlled movements, contributing to increased efficiency and enhanced performance. The velocity gives you directional speed, negating inertia, and introducing dynamic athleticism, adding an extra dimension to your workout potential in the process.

NV Rack Levels of Resistance:

The NV Rack offers four levels of resistance, each designed to elevate your workouts. What makes it even more exciting is that each level increases the velocity of your exercise by a staggering 20%. This means you can tailor your workout intensity to your specific needs, whether you're a beginner looking for effective instruction or an advanced lifter aiming to push your limits.

This fundamental element of the NV Racks technology is so important we want to say it again and dive a little deeper in an attempt to help highlight just how important this is for you to know. 

Each NV Rack resistance level increases the meters per second in your chosen vector by 20%. That means you need to output 20% more power in order to move the same weight at the same speed with every increase in resistance level.

This concept of increased velocity is exactly what has led to some of the massive strength gains some of our coaches have seen in their athletes. The coaches and athletes that understand this principle are getting the most out of the NV Rack and these same coaches and athletes, also understand how to get the most out of their vectors. So let's wrap our heads around this next concept together.

Strategic Evaluation of Directional Resistance:

Approaching every exercise with a strategic mindset is crucial when using the NV Rack. Before you start, take a moment to evaluate how best to utilize the directional resistance. Consider whether you want to assist the lift or make it more challenging. Do you aim to recruit more muscles, or is your focus on accelerating the movement pattern without altering it significantly?

This strategic angle adjustment is a key element in maximizing gains and transforming your training experience. As a trainer or an individual athlete, these considerations will significantly shift the way you approach each exercise, paving the way for better results.

Practical Application:

Let's delve into some practical examples to illustrate the importance of strategic evaluation:

  1. Hang Cleans: For beginners, pulling the bar close to the body by using directional resistance is ideal for learning proper bar path. Advanced lifters, on the other hand, can benefit from pulling the bar away to emphasize lat engagement.

  2. Shoulder Press: Simply by taking a step back and having the bands pulling forward will drastically enhance your muscle recruitment. The rear delt engagement required and the core stabilization greatly enhances the benefits of this movement.

  3. Lat Pullovers: DB lat pullovers are a great exercise however the angles are usually suboptimal for full range of motion muscle engagement. Simply pulling the bench away from the anchor point and letting the bands pull the dumbbell away from your pull will increase the time under tension that simple gravity does not allow.

  4. Squats: Elevate your squat game with the NV Rack. Experiment with the belt attachment, stepping forward for back squats or backward for front squats, strategically shifting your center of gravity.


As you continue your fitness journey with the NV Rack, remember that non-varying resistance is not just a technological innovation; it's a transformative approach to exercise. Embrace the consistent challenge, explore the levels of resistance, and strategically evaluate each movement. Your commitment to maximizing the potential of the NV Rack will undoubtedly unlock new levels of efficiency and performance.

Here's to achieving new velocities together!