The NV Rack is the perfect tool for anyone who is interested in increasing their power output, specifically for olympic lifting. However since everyone trains differently we will outline what we have found to be the most effective way to implement Non-Varying Resistance into your training regimen. Whether you train youth athletes or professionals this program will help you increase overall power development and keep your athletes safe and injury free.

Peak Power

Athletes peak power output is a great indicator that an athlete's speed is just as important as their strength when completing olympic lifts. Now here is where the NV Rack comes into play. If you are not lifting weights at your max velocity you are not working on your
peak power output. This is usually fine when the weight is close to your max but at lighter weights your max velocity is not always possible. Imagine trying to power clean a PVC pipe as if it were 300lbs. You can drill the bar path but you're not actually practicing the technique with the
power output required to lift heavy weights.

Athletes need to practice their technique at their max power output if they want to improve. The NV Rack allows athletes to do this at lighter weights because of Non-Varying Resistance pulling the bar down as a force and not a static weight, thus negating the athletes higher velocity.

The goal of this program is to have athletes practice their max power output at different levels of weight and NV Rack Resistance. The key is to have your athletes compete their reps as if they were their 1 rep max every time.