NV Rack Speed and Agility Program


The NV Racks versatility lends itself to an array of different training techniques. The use in speed exercise is one of the best ones. So how can you get faster? You either need to increase your turnover speed or you need to increase the power you output with each foot strike. This program will show you how the NV Rack can help improve in both of those areas. 


These are not the only exercises that you should be doing to get faster. These are just some of the best ones that the NV Rack can enhance in ways other machines and tools cannot. We recommend consulting with your coach or another training specialist for a full sprinting program and technique drills to get the best results. 

Set Up

This program will act more of a guideline than a strict regimen. The NV Rack resistance and weight choice will be dependent on the athlete but we will give guidance on some. The amount of reps and sets is dependent on the amount of time willing to dedicate to this training. We do recommend training outside of these exercises and that these should be supplementary to your current routine. They are broken down into different days based on the type of exercises however they can be interchanged based on your needs. 


We hope this program/guide gives you a game plan to follow for yourself or your athletes. There are many other exercises that can be performed to help improve one's speed with the NV Rack. We have found these exercises to be the most effective. Please feel free to add other exercises as well as continuing your other original workout program.