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NV Rack

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The NV Rack contains our patented Non-Varying Resistance® technology which allows you to generate your max power output at a light, safe, and repeatable weight.

This is a piece of equipment that provides massive benefits in your training routine while keeping space utilization in mind. This tool is meant to be attached to a squat rack at any position high or low providing extreme versatility. Once attached you are able to use the NV Rack's three different arm positions, and four levels of resistance.

The NV Rack does include the option to attach to a free standing platform for users without access to a squat rack.

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Height: 32 inches (81.28cm)
Width: 8.5 inches (21.59cm)
Depth: 11 inches (27.94cm)
Weight: 48 lbs. (21.77kg)
Max. Resistance: Unlimited


The perfect blend of athletic performance with strength and conditioning. You found the winning recipe!

Author's nameJohn "J-Walk" Walker
NFL Alumni & Former USC Champion

Once you feel it, you'll know the difference. It's better (than resistance bands).

Ronnie Najjar
MMA Coach, Former-Pro Muy Thai & Kickboxer

A far superior and much more advanced new age technology.

Matt Pallardy
Owner of SMTF San Diego

The way the NV Rack allows our athletes to train speed and power will definitely give us the competitive edge we're looking for.

Brian Borrison
High School Football Coach

It's going to be a necessity in every gym... really it will be the treadmill of weight lifting!

Paul Armstrong
Owner of Sports Worx. Former Strongman & Bodybuilder

Game changer for training everyday client and high-performing athletes. It's an awesome addition to have for any training facility!

Angela Leigh Charsha
Harney, Assistant Director, Recreational Services at University of Iowa