The Pro's and Con's of Resistance Bands

Attention all athletes, coaches, and trainers, are you under the impression that the most beneficial part of a resistance band is the increase in tension over the plain of movement? Well, you might be surprised to learn that it's actually the supplementary force it applies to the movement in the given direction you want it. This is because adding more force is not the same as adding more weight.

To illustrate this point, let's say you were to drop two dumbbells at the same time, one weighing 10 lbs and one weighing 30 lbs. Which one do you think would hit the ground first? The answer is both. Now, if you were to add the supplementary force of a resistance band to either of those weights, the weight with more force acting on it will be pulled down faster, regardless of its weight. This is because gravity is always acting at 9.8 meters per second.

If you're an explosive athlete, the weight you move doesn't stay the same weight throughout its range of motion. This is because by being explosive, you have generated inertia greater than the force of gravity pulling it down. This is easily seen when doing a squat or bench press with the intent of being explosive. When finishing your body's range of motion, your legs or arms would stop once they've extended, but the weight would keep on moving.

The best part of traditional resistance bands is the supplemental force, the problem however, is the inconsistency of that force. Many athletes and trainers use bands for the supplementary directional force without realizing that the inconsistency of the force is limiting their application. But what the world glossed over, NV Athletics saw the problem and developed a solution. We wanted a resistance that is smooth, consistent, and directional. Something that is easy to set up and use with different lifts and exercises in a workout and not distract from the workout. So we developed the NV Rack with our patented Non-Varying-Resistance® technology.

The NV Rack attaches to any squat rack or to our free-standing platform and lets you do any lift or movement with consistent resistance throughout the entire range of motion. With the NV Rack and Non-Varying-Resistance, every lift and movement is made more effective and efficient. 

Watch this video for better understanding of the NV Rack and Non-Varying Resistance®

Don't settle for inconsistent resistance bands. Upgrade your training with the NV Rack from NV Athletics and take your workouts to the next level.